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How do I troubleshoot AppDynamics for SAP issues?

This article guides you through how to troubleshoot two types of AppDynamics for SAP issues:

  1. Missing Tier in the Dashboard
  2. Missing Metrics


Missing Tier in the Dashboard

1. Check if the monitored system is running and available to be logged into. If it’s not, contact your SAP Basis team.

You may need to work with your SAP Basis team to verify this. If the monitored system is not running and/or logging in is not possible, the system may be down.


2. If the ABAP agent causes the system dump, deactivate the integration (/DVD/APPD_CUST).

Execute the /DVD/APPD_CUST transaction to open the AppDynamics settings screen.


Deactivate the integration.png


Please don't change any other settings. Only if the ABAP Agent itself is causing system dumps can you deactivate the integration using the steps below:

  1. Click the “Display <-> Change” button in the top-left of the menu bar to transition into edit mode. You’ll notice the UI changes.
  2. Click the “Deactivate integration” button, which will deactivate the integration immediately.

Deactivate the Integration 2.png


3. Check the HTTP SDK Proxy status (transaction /DVD/APPD_STATUS) and take the proper action to remedy.

Execute the /DVD/APPD_STATUS transaction to open the AppDynamics SDK status screen. From here, you can:

  1. Check if the HTTP SDK proxy is reached.
  2. Check if the process is running.
  3. Start/Restart the process.
  4. Stop the process.
  5. Read logs - From the “AppDynamics HTPP SDK proxy log files” screen, you can save the logs to the local file and send them to Datavard for analysis.

Proxy Status 1.png


Proxy Status 2.png


Missing Metrics

1. Check Insights integration (transaction /DVD/APPD_CC)

Execute the /DVD/APPD_CC transaction to open the “Select Insights KPI for AppDynamics” screen. Here you can verify that the “Enable AppDynamics Insights connector” box is checked. If it’s not, enter edit mode by clicking the “Display <-> Change” button in the menu bar and enable it. Ensure you save the changes and check if the metrics start replicating from “Insights KPIs.”


Missing Metrics.png 

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