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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Update 1/8/18 - This issue has been resolved in v4.5.5.


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For users who are impacted by EUMUI-2031 - HTTP Status 500 Error Returned When Accessing the Browser App Dashboard, there is a safe and simple workaround that can be applied to prevent the errant HTTP status 500 error warning boxes until the code fix is released by our Engineering team. 





The workaround requires the temporary removal of the "Synthetic Availability Trend" widget from the Overview sub-tab of any EUM application Browser App Dashboard. Once removed, you can re-add the widget moments later, preventing future warning boxes as described above. The workaround is safe and will have no impact on product functionality/usability during the application of the workaround or anytime after it is applied. 


1. For a given EUM Browser Application, access the Browser App Dashboard (ex: _Mike-P-TestApp).

1 (9).png

2. Please find the "Synthetic Availability Trend" widget and click the small black x in the top right of the widget. This will remove the "Synthetic Availability Widget". Please note that the removal of the "Synthetic Availability Trend" widget it temporary. It will cause the "Synthetic Availability Trend" widget to be temporarily removed from all EUM Browser App Dashboards.
2 (1).png

3. You will receive a confirmation that the widget was removed successfully in the form of a small blue text box in the top-right of the Controller's UI.

3 (8).png

4. After it's removed, re-add the "Synthetic Availability Trend" widget to the Browser App Dashboard by clicking the "+" button in the top-left of the Overview sub-tab and selecting the "Synthetic Availability Trend" option from the dropdown.

4 (4).png

5. Completion of step four will add a new "Synthetic Availability Trend" widget to the chosen Browser App Dashboard and will also automatically add the "Synthetic Availability Trend" widget back to all the other EUM Browser App Dashboards. 

5 (3).png



​The process should only take 30 seconds to complete and, if applied properly, should prevent the red herring 500 errors warning boxes from showing up whenever a user accesses an EUM Browser App Dashboard going forward. 

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