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How do I migrate the EUM Server from Windows to Linux?

When migrating an EUM Server from Windows to Linux, a user might incorrectly assume that the Controller is also migrated, which takes care of the MySQL backup. The Controller database and the EUM Processor store must be migrated separately.
Users should always do a fresh install of the EUM server on the new machine, and then check the host dependent settings.
Example: In the file, modify the following Controller host IP/name properties:
"onprem.dbHost" : This is the controller-db host detail, port 3388 remains unchanged.
"analytics.serverHost"* Change this property if you are using the local Events Service that comes 
embedded inside the Controller, not a standalone installation of the Events Service.
Lastly, users should copy the data from the ../store directory from the old machine to the new one. Dependencies on the Events Service and Controller will remain intact.

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Backup the EUM ..\store directory on your Windows machine.
  2. Backup the Controller MySQL database on Windows, and restore the db backup on the Linux machine.
  3. Install EUM Server on the Linux machine. 
  4. Configure all the components to the Linux machine after installation.
    • Change the Event Service and EUM hostnames in the Controller config.
    • Change the IP address in the Controller config. 
  5. Restore the directory..\store backup on the Linux machine. 
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Published 6/23/2017

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@Chitra.Lal and @Erin --- recommend linking to the article I just posted on migrating the DB from the Controller Host to the EUM Server Host.