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How do I install Flash in Chrome?


When clicking on certain screens in the Controller (e.g., Analytics → Configuration), you may encounter the message "Please install Flash to use this feature" in the top right corner. This is due to the fact that a few screens in the Controller UI leverage Flash and require Flash Player 10 or greater. AppDynamics recommends version 11.

Please install flash.png


This behavior may be noticed in all browsers, but the steps in this article are specific to Chrome.  We recommend that all customers using the latest version of Chrome enable Flash.


Please note that it’s a top priority for AppDynamics to remove Flash from the product and work is currently in process. Watch for announcements in our monthly Product Updates.


Enabling Flash

In the latest version of Chrome, your Flash settings will be overridden every time you restart your browser. The steps below guide you through how to enable Flash permanently so you don’t need to enable it each time you launch Chrome.


1. Open Chrome

2. Go to: chrome://flags/

3. Search for: Enable Ephemeral Flash Permissions

4. Change its value to: Disabled
Ephemeral Flash Permissions.png

5. Restart Chrome

6. Go to: chrome://settings/content/flash

7. Click on Allow - Add button

8. Add site: https://[*.]

Allow Flash.png

9. Restart Chrome


As a best practice, we also recommend disabling AdBlock when using the Controller UI to avoid issues loading particular screens. For instructions, see: How do I disable AdBlock in Chrome?

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