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How do I disable AdBlock in Chrome?


When AdBlock is enabled on Chrome or other browsers, several screens in the Controller may not load data and appear as blank screens. For more details about this issue, please see Support Advisory: Controller screens not loading due to AdBlock


Disabling AdBlock

We recommend disabling the AdBlock plugin for your SaaS Controller URL when using the Controller UI to avoid issues loading particular screens. You should see the AdBlock icon to the right of your URL bar, from which you can select your disable option. See the screenshots below for context.



Disabled AdBlock.png


Depending on your extension, it might also look like this:

Disable AdBlock.png


For additional instructions on disabling AdBlock in Chrome, see:


As a best practice, we also recommend that all customers using the latest version of Chrome enable Flash. For instructions, see: How do I install Flash in Chrome?

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