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How can a user capture mobile crash stack traces automatically using an API? 



Users may be gathering crash data from the mobile_crash_reports table using ADQL, but there is no stack trace information in this table.


Stack trace data is stored within the AppDynamics system, and displayed in a web browser.



Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 11.04.49 AM.png



As of AppDynamics version 4.3, there is no API available to gather crash data from the mobile_crash_reports table.


As a workaround, set the following variables and use curl to request the full crash report.


Note: The URLs may change in different controller versions because these are not public APIs. The following example is for AppDynamics version 4.2 and 4.3 Controllers.


 Set these variables:

APPLICATION=      # You can find this in the url when viewing an app.  It will say "application=X" where X is an integer
CRASH_ID=         # This is the crashid field from analytics (not groupid)

# Get a login cookie from the controller:

curl -X GET \
    -c /tmp/cookie \
    --user "${USER}@${ACCOUNT}:${PASSWORD}" \

# Then request the full crash report:

curl -X GET \
    -b /tmp/cookie \





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