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How do I resolve a non-admin user permissions errors in ALD, OIT, or custom memory structures?



When a non-admin user runs automatic leak detections (ALD), object instance tracking(OIT), or Custom memory structures, they may see the following error:

The current user 'ABC' does not have permission to do this. (action: CONFIG_AGENT_PROPERTIES entity: APPLICATION_COMPONENT_NODE 235) (agentManager.updateAgentConfiguration)


  1. To resolve a user's permission errors, an administrator must edit their agent permission and role properties.

  2. To determine the permission name, extrapolate it from the error message.

    For example, the error message shown above indicates a permission name of Configuration Agent Properties:

  3. Open the user's account permissions and edit the account to include that permission. 
    Administrator can add or remove user roles and permissions hereAdministrator can add or remove user roles and permissions here
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