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AppDynamics Team

To troubleshoot complex issues in web downloads, it can be helpful to have the download process tracked in an HTTP Archive (HAR) file, an archival format for recording HTTP transactions using a browser.

The workflow for creating a HAR file differs for each browser. This Google App outlines the ways to generate HAR files in different browsers:

Last Updated: 11/9/18

New Member

This is on-prem setup not cloud

New Member

I don't have an attach option on this so I will email the har file

AppDynamics Team

@Aby.Thomas , I'm not sure I understand your question. The HAR file is generated from a browser, so it doesn't matter if you're using a SaaS or on-prem deployment of the our product, but perhaps I'm misunderstanding what you're asking.

Community Manager

Hi @Aby.Thomas - did @Joe.Catera help you out?

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