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How do I add startup parameters to the Machine Agent?

Windows users who wish to pass startup parameters such as proxy details to their Machine Agent should follow these steps:


  1. Stop the Machine Agent service.
  2. Navigate to the <Machine Agent -Dir>\bin directory.
  3. Create a new empty file called MachineAgentService.vmoptions.
  4. Navigate to the <MachineAgent Home>/InstallService.vbs file and add the following lines of code before vmOptionsFile.WriteLine.
    • vmOptionsFile.WriteLine("-Dappdynamics.http.proxyHost=XXX")
    • Example:
      Set vmOptionsFile = fsObject.OpenTextFile(scriptDir & "\bin\MachineAgentService.vmoptions", OVERWRITE, True)
    • Do not create "MiniDump on crash". If the option is not supported by the JRE the executable will ignore it.
    • vmOptionsFile.WriteLine("-XX:-CreateMinidumpOnCrash")
  5. Save the changes.
  6. Restart the service. 
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