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How can I view my subscriptions and license details?

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View Subscriptions

View License details




License Administrators have the ability to view and manage company subscriptions and license usage details. This article shows how a License Administrator can find that information.


How can I view subscriptions?

Step 1 - Sign in to AppDynamics.


Step 2 - Click on your name on the top-right corner and then click on Subscriptions. The subscription page will show a list of the licenses associated with your License Aministrator account.





How can I view License details?

Step 3 - Click on the name of your target license. 





Step 4 - To view the associated information, click on the License details tab.





Step 5 - On the License details page, you can see the following details: Alert Box, License-ID, SaaS URL, Access Key, Controller Account, Username,and Expiry date




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