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AppDynamics Team (Retired)


How does the overall performance of your application environment affect your business? Business iQ can help users understand how the performance of their application environment and end-user applications ties to the business data of the transactions. Teams can sort, order, and understand the data that compose business transactions.



What are the requirements for setting up Business iQ for AppDynamics? What are the steps to implement this on my own instance? Find the answer to these questions here: How to implement Business iQ for AppDynamics 


Use Cases

How are customers using Business iQ to get the information they need? Find real customer use cases here.


Troubleshooting and FAQ's

What are some common issues that BiQ users face? Review the Business iQ troubleshooting guide for more information.


Licensing Requirements 

See License requirements for Business Journeys (Biz iQ) for more information.


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