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Cannot create EUM Application due to "You Do Not Have License for Synthetic Monitoring" error


You have The following type of licenses:

Browser EUM: Lite

Mobile EUM: Lite

Synthetic EUM: Pro

License Example


When you try to create EUM application for Synthetic Monitoring you receive the following error:

No Synth License Error Message


You see in the license that the Synthetic License has not been synced, you just see the Browser and Mobile Licenses

License Screen



This means that the controller somehow has not synced with the EUM Cloud for the Synthetic Licenses. We have to force sync the controller to the EUM cloud. Since the EUM App Creation wizard is throwing an error "You Do Not Have License for Synthetic Monitoring" you cannot create the app from the EUM App Creation Wizard.


To force the sync go to an existing application in APM and enable EUM for it from there:

Enable EUM from APM


Once this is done. The controller will force sync back to the EUM Cloud.


After this is done, you can either start using this EUM Application for Synthetic, or create a new one from the EUM App Creation Wizard, and then come back to this application in APM and switch off EUM for this App.

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