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POJO instrumentation of superclass methods does not work when the methods are not overridden in the child class

Hi,   I've instrumented a POJO rule as: Match classes "that extend a Super Class that ends with BaseCatalogWorkflowStep" (didn't want to bother with the package prefix, so used ends with, instead of equals) Method name "equals in"   We have been capt...

POJO rule.JPG TR_Approve.JPG PC_Enrichment.JPG

Getting the Unrecognized field "agent-runtime-dir" (class com.appdynamics.agent.sim.configuration.bootstrap.DefaultBootstrapConfiguration) error

[aims@mywiz1031 bin]$ ./java -jar /home/aims/machineagent.jarUsing Java Version [1.8.0_162] for AgentUsing Agent Version [Machine Agent v4.5.5.1784 GA compatible with Build Date 2018-11-02 01:36:01][INFO] Agent logging directory set to: [/hom...