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AppD can't identify CXF services

AppD can't identify CXF services

I'm using agent v20.3 and CXF 3.2.12.


AppD isn't identifying individual web services on the front end.  Instead, it's lumping them all in to a single business transaction named after the url like "/myapp/services."  The java auto discovery rule has "web service transaction monitoring enabled" and "discover transactions automatically for all web service requests" both checked.


What else can I do differentiate the individual services?



AppD can't identify CXF services

Re: AppD can't identify CXF services

Hi There


Unfortunately, unlike servlets, there is no auto option for e.g configuring AppDynamics to split it based on the number of URI segments etc.


The way we do it(Unless you already have the full list of WebService endpoints), is to use e.g Live Preview for Java Nodes to check the http requests, that will give you the full endpoints. And then you configure Web Service rules for each. Or if you have analytics, you can get the full url of the actual request.


For large environments, where there are a great number of these, we automated the import of the Web Service rules via the API.(As it is time consuming doing them manually for a large number of transactions



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