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I am new to AppDynamics. We have ONPREM installation.

I went into one of our applications--> Tiers and Nodes to check the App Agent Status at NODE level

I have seen some values as 99.4% with UP arrow and 11.5% with down arrow. Can someone please explain what it means for availability of the Agents.


We have one Tier with 20 Nodes. Some nodes show 52.3% UP arrow, 60.02% UP arrow and some are like 11.81% Down  arrow, 0% Down arrow.


AppDynamics Team

Hi @Pranjal.Pandey,


Thank you for posting to the community.
By clicking the arrow on App Agent Status, you can see details and explanations of App Agent Status.
Up or down arrow represents current status. Up arrow indicates the agent is reporting data and down arrow indicates the agent is not reporting data.
Percentage indicates uptime of the agent, which represents how many times the Agent reported data in the time range.




Best Regards,


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Hi @Hiroki.Ito,


does this mean that if there was no app load on that node for the last 1h (and we have set the viewing time frame to 1h) - the agent will report 0%?


In other words, if there is no app load during some time period, the agent will not report anything? 


I am asking this because I thought that even without any data, agent is supposed to contact the controller every 60 seconds?

Hi @Bojan.Živančević ,


The data I mentioned in above comment includes metric data, so the App Agent Status should be 100% if the agent is active even without any app load or business transaction, because the agent still reports periodic metrics.


Agent is supposed to contact the controller every 60 seconds even without any app load as written in the document below. 

The agent metric channel posts all new periodic metrics, including JMX, Windows performance counters, and business transaction metrics to the Controller every 60 seconds.


Best Regards,

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Got it. Thanks a lot.

Hi @Hiroki.Ito ,

This thread answers some of the questions I had.  I have one additional question - what is the resolution if the Agent Status is anything but 100%?  I see warnings and error (when agent status is 0%), but what is the actionable?



@Saifuddin.Arif ideally the uptime should be 100% always. there are times however that the agent cant communicate with the controller and this will affect the uptime.
These include:

  • the node was stopped - eg for an upgrade
  • the container that the node was on was stopped or destroyed
  • the host that the agent is on could be too busy - e.g the CPU is too high. in this case the agent will pause communication with the controller until the host has recovered. the agent has a limited buffer so if it cant contact the controller for a protracted amount of time there will be data loss
  • there is a problem with the host filesystem - eg a disk might be full. the machine infrastructure alerts should 
  • there is a network problem somewhere between the host and the controller
  • there is a problem at the controller side

the first port of call is to reset the agent - if still seeing dropouts check the agent log files to see what errors there are. if the dropouts continue its worth raising a support ticket.

Hope this helps 

kind regards