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Unable to see custom metrics in controller UI


Hi Team,


I have written a small script( which counts the number of lines in the file. I can see the metrics in logs, But unable to see in controller UI. A restart of machine agent is not helping.

Each time when I remove the script and replace it, It shows the metric in UI only once. After I update the lines in the script the updated value shows in logs but not in UI. 


Can you please help me with this.

Below are my logs:( line count shows 17 but same is not displayed in UI. UI shows path Custom Metrics|Linux Monitor|LineCount|TestFile but with no data)


[Log files redacted]




^ Post edited by @Ryan.Paredez to remove log files. Please do not share or attach log files to community posts for security and privacy reasons.


Hello Apurva,


I guess you have changed some script values but forgot to update the same in the Metric path. For example, If you change the value for countOf Entries to EntriesCount then you can see the path upto Custom Metrics|CustomLogMonitor|Port Monitor|Total No.of.Entries but with no data. 


"name=Custom Metrics|CustomLogMonitor|Port Monitor|Total No.of.Entries,value=$countofEntries"


I suggest you check the values in the path which you have mentioned in the script. 



Selvaganesh E

Hi Selvaganesh,


Thankyou for acknowledging my query.


I rechecked the path, It looks correct to me. On further investigation I found that when I add a loop to the script the metricis  continuously  sent to Controller UI.

Issue got solved.