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URL Monitor with 2 Way SSL




We have a custom requirement to monitor an API which does a health check of all the backend systems and returns back the https response code 200 if successful. The API is working with 2 way SSL.


Is there a possibility of using the URL monitor in order to communicate with the API? We are able to deploy the URL monitor even locally if there is a way to bypass SSL using the configuration in the URL Monitor.


We tried the Service Availability feature also but keep getting an SSL handshake error and after checking with support, it apparently does not support 2 way SSL.


Appreciate any ideas on how I should go about achieving this.


Kind Regards,

Ashley Lewis

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So far we've only received confirmation that the Service Availability feature does not support two way SSL.


The other option we've been looking into in order to do this test is the URL Monitor extension which has options to specify a keystore and a truststore. We're still waiting for some confirmation from the extensions team that this is supported and the options that are required in order to get it to work.


The final option we're looking into is the use of a custom script to run locally and bypass SSL which is less than ideal.

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The URLMonitor extension was able to support 2 way SSL. There were quite a few challenges faced especially around the creation of the keystores for SSL. However, we were able to successfully implement it along with JSON payloads as a part of the POST request to API URLs.


The documentation around this could be improved to make it easier to implement the monitor.

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