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Running multiple DB Agents on single Windows server

New Poster

Hello community!  New to AppD and Windows here, just started at a new company and have a DB Agent problem.


I am encountering an issue or two with running multiple DB Agents on a single windows server.  I am trying to install the service with the installservice.vbs script but I can't get it to change the name of the service.  Which will allow me to run multiple instances of the DB Agent.

Also, in order to run multiple instances of the DB Agent, do I have to have a copy of the install files in a different location for each instance that I run?  





Community Manager

Hi @Wade.Morris,


Congrats on the new job and welcome to AppD. I did some searching around and found this Idea Exchange post that I think is asking for what you are having trouble with.


If that is the case, please comment and vote on this idea. If this idea is not related to your question, please do let me know!


Note: The Idea Exchange can only be accessed by AppD Customers. 


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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