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Not able to see metric value while receiving avg response time alert



While receiving overall avg response time alert, we want to see particular value when alert triggered for definded threshold.


e.g like i configured threshold in warning as 75 n at that time overall avg respone time metric value was 78, i received the alert that it breached defined threshold but i am not able to see that particualar value i.e 78(what was the value at that moment when alert trigerred). how can i fix this.


AppDynamics Team (Retired)


Can you post a screen shot of your health rule warning and critical conditions?


@Allan.Schiebold  Please see below screenshot :-





If you drill into the alert you will see a message like this: 

"condition 1's value 31.60 was greater than the threshold 30.00 for the last 5 minutes"


Which gives you the value that caused the threshold breach. 

Sorry @Allan.Schiebold i am not able to drill, can this value can be shown in while receiving alert like i am seeing value for other alerts but i am not seeing for overall n backend avg response time


Hi.  We started experiencing this same thing when we started using the "persistence threshold" feature recently added to AppD (as defined in the documentation).   We were about to submit it as a bug, and found this support ticket.   If you remove the Persistence Threshold from the rule, the violation messages will show the value once again.   So, yes, please investigate.  I hope this additional information helps narrow-down the search.  

AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi. All health rule violations are an event which you can open up. It will look like this:

I've attached two screenshots exemplifying the problem.   One omits the value of the metric that has exceeded its threshold.   The second shows how it should normally look.   The problem happens when a "persistence threshold" is specified on the rule (in my experience).  Hope this helps.  


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Ok I see now. Apologies for the confusion. Since Persistence thresholds could have any number of violations in a time range it's not possible to display like a normal health rule. There is an enhancement request for this capability. Thanks. 

Hi @Jim.Ritchey and @Support.Group-mail,


Please submit this idea on our Idea Exchange part of the Community. 

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Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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