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Memory usage for Windows machine agent and database agent



We are planning to deploy a standalone machine agent  and database agent (v4.5.17) but the memory usage is too high:

Machine agent: 1GB

Database agent: 620MB


We are trying to fine-tune the java options in the vmoptions files. In order to reduce the memory footprint with these values:

-XX:MaxPermSize=10m ==> 20MB seems to be the default
-Xmx32m ==> 256 MB to be the default


With these settings, the Machine agent seems stable with 250MB and db agent with 150MB.


Has anyone done this on production servers?






AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi. Supposedly there was an issue with Windows itself that introduced the memory issue. Please use the latest updated machine agent where that problem should be resolved. Let me know if that still doesn't work. 

Thank you for you answer ,

The 4.5.18 seems to be the lastet version.
I'd rather not install a version too young on production.




I opened a case to the support and the requirements of memory for these agents are huge.


It seems there is no way to reduce the memory footprint of these two agents with a bundled JRE.


Because of this behavior, the machine agent seems to be worthless and the DB agent will be installed on a dedicated server.