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Machine agent is stopping after 5 minutes

New Poster

Hello Team


We have configured the machine agent in one of the Linux machines. It was reporting all the metrics CPU, Memory, Disk for 5 to 10 min after that, it's reporting only the availability


In agent logs, we can see the below error log:

An error occurred while running the collector script, enable debug logging for more information.


Kindly help me to resolve this issue


^ Edited by @Ryan.Paredez for improved title and readability 


Community Manager

Hi @Kishore.B,


Thanks for your question on the community. I found a similar post here:


The general outcome from that thread is to upgrade the machine agent to the latest version of you are not already. You can grab the latest version here


If you learn anything else from that post or from your own investigation, please do share those learnings with the community back on this post.


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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