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Machine Agent

New Poster

Hey Folks, 

We are trying to deployed the machine agent on EKS 1.27. The version of the machine agent is v22.3.0. 

The pod gets stuck with the below error :


Error in custom provider, Failed to get a response from /info using a GET request.
The error encountered is: Connection refused
[machineagent.jar:Machine Agent v22.3.0-3296 GA compatible with Build Date 2022-03-18 19:50:59]
Could not start up the machine agent due to: Failed to get a response from /info using a GET request. The error encountered is: Connection refused

Please see startup.log in the current working directory for details


AppDynamics Team

There could be several reasons for failure.

  1. Please verify whether your environment is utilizing a Docker runtime built on ContainerD or a similar platform. If your intended machine agent is v22.3.0, it only supports Docker runtime exclusively.

  2. Additionally, ensure that the user has access to /run/docker.sock. You can check this by running:

    cat /run/docker.sock
  3. In past instances, this issue occurred due to either no running containers or permission problems. You can diagnose this with the following command:

    sudo curl -s -S -i --unix-socket /var/run/docker.sock http:/info

    docker info

  4. If you're utilizing the containerd runtime, consider upgrading to the latest version, such as 24.3.0 MA.

I would recommend you to open a Support ticket for any further help as it involves a lot of debugging.

Best Regards,
Rajesh Ganapavarapu


Thanks Rajesh for your prompt response!

1. We use containerd-shim-runc as the CRI. Not sure if that is compatible with Docker runtime. 

2. I couldn't find any docker process running on the worker node, so could'nt execute Docker related cmds

3.  Is there a dependency with Docker.  As we have a similar setup of the machine agent on a EKS 1.23 without Docker functioning as expected. 

AppDynamics Team

Hello @Josh.Varughese 

Yes, the old version machineagent is only supported by the docker runtime but the latest MA is supported by the contatinerd. Please use the latest MA.

Best Regards,
Rajesh Ganapavarapu


Community Manager

Hi @Josh.Varughese,

If anyone of Rajesh's replies helped, please click the "Accept as Solution" button if, not, please reply and keep the conversation going! 


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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