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JMX Metrics on JBoss 6.4 not reporting


Trying to get the JMX metrics for Datasources to show up in AppD Controller.


I can use JBoss's new CLI interface to see them in jConsole, but other than that I am having no luck.


Has anyone successfully setup AppD to monitor JMX in JBoss 6.4 or higher?


AppDynamics Team

Hi  msprague,


Could you please add the below node property 

Name: discover-mbeans
Description: discover-mbeans
Type: Boolean
Value: true

After adding the above property allow the application to run for 5-10mins. The node property will discover all mbeans being exposed and write them into files under location <AGENT_RUNTIME_DIR>/conf/<nodeName>/discovered-mbeans. Please attach the complete 'discovered-mbeans' directory along with the complete agent log directory.




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Issue was these jvm args on the jboss startup was hiding the JMX tree from AppD.


<jvmarg value=""/>
<jvmarg value=""/>
<jvmarg value=""/>
<jvmarg value=""/>


Also, AppD has a MachineAgent plugin that can assist in accessing the JMX args although I was unsuccessful in getting that plugin to function locally.