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How can I use an API to create Health Rules and Policies




I want to create health rules and policies using API for my monitoring checks. Can you please provide me a specific link for documentation>


Any sample script would also be helpful.


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Importing and Exporting Health Rules and Policies are described with examples in the Configuration Import and Export API section of the docs.


Here are additional links


When you want to create health rules and policies using the API, you will typically start with an existing rule or policy, export it, modify it, then import it back into the same or different application or Controller. When you import a health rule or policy, you need to be careful that the assets it refers to (Metrics, Actions, etc.) exist in the target application or Controller.



Brian Wheeldon


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Update: my reply was posted this morning, not sure what happened when i tried to do it yesterday,


You can use the following link to for API to export the health rules


here is the link for import:


You will need to export one health check rule in order to understand and once you are comfortable updating the xml, you can update and import into the controller.