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Database User Account Health Rule Setup


Hoping this is the correct board to post this question.  I need help in setting up a health rule for our Oracle database so I can be alerted if one of our application user accounts get locked.  For the life of me I can't seem to find where I can define that.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.





AppDynamics Team

Hi @Gregory.Barnes,


Database custom metrics can be used in this situation.


You can create a custom metric by specifying SQL queries to run on the monitored database.
A custom metric with a number of locked users from the user table may work for you.


Then you can create a health rule and a policy to get an alert.
Please see the document below for alert and respond policy structure.


As a side note, you can query pdb by <tablenamme>@<pdb name>.
Also, please remove semicolon at the end of the query.

e.g. select count(*) from ABC@XYZ
XYZ is PDB and ABC is the table name.


Best Regards,

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