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Cluster Agent configuration

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Hi Team,

Thanks for being there! I hope you all are doing great!

I was working on the requirement to install and monitor Kubernetes using AppDyanamics 

I have gone through the video from Cisco U

But I have a question. Do we not need a cluster agent as I don't seem to have used or taken the name of a cluster agent in the process?

Could you help me with this?


Hi SanDeep,


Thanks for watching the episode. Depending on what product you are trying to monitor your K8 cluster with will determine what agent you would need. 


If you had AppD CSaaS for example then you would be correct, we would need to install a cluster agent. However, this video is on CCO (Cisco Cloud Observability) and COP (Cisco Observability Platform).  The agents in CCO are called collectors because they are making use of OpenTelemetry. I have written a guide on Cisco U that might help you -


There is also a guide for CSaaS - 



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Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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