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AWS server running cost calculate


AWS server running cost calculate

HI, This is shashi, I am looking for a solution about Aws sever cost calculate? I am running 70 AWS servers in different environments, we have a scheduler for stop and start the servers periodically. for curiosity, I would like to know how much I am spending in each environment and how much I am saving using scheduler.  is there any procedure to display all these servers availability and cost calculator in a single dashboard?

AWS server running cost calculate
AppDynamics Team

Re: AWS server running cost calculate

Hi Sashi,

The best fit is to use the "AWS Billing Monitoring Extension" to collect the billing metrics from AWS Cloudwatch. Once these metrics are in the Controller, you can create a custom dashboard that combines server availability and cost on a single screen. You can also configure Health Rules to alert you if the usage is higher (or lower) than you expect.


Attaching a screenshot showing AWS Billing and other Cloudwatch metrics on a custom dashboard.




Brian Wheeldon, Solution Engineer, NYC

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