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Integration of AppDynamics and Splunk

New Member


I've been working with AppDynamics for some time now, and I'm looking to enhance our monitoring and analytics capabilities by integrating it with Splunk. I believe this integration can offer a wealth of insights.

Has anyone here successfully integrated AppDynamics with Splunk? I'm particularly interested in hearing about any best practices, challenges you've encountered, and the impact it has had on your application monitoring and troubleshooting efforts.

Additionally, if anyone has pursued the Splunk Certification or is familiar with the certification process, could you share your experiences and any specific aspects of Splunk that you found especially relevant in the context of AppDynamics integration?

I also Check this

Thanks in advance!

Tanu Sharma

Community Manager

Hi @Tanu.Sharma,

Thanks for asking your question on the Community. While we wait for Community members to jump in. Feel free to explore the existing content on the Community (asked by other members) regarding Splunk.



Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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