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Resolved! Update documentation - Service now integration

In the following description it is written at point 1 to download and install AppD app on SNOW store.But then you say you need to do something else before doing the thing at point number 1.Am I mistaken in understanding the order and logic on how thi...


Integration of AppDynamics and Splunk

Hello,I've been working with AppDynamics for some time now, and I'm looking to enhance our monitoring and analytics capabilities by integrating it with Splunk. I believe this integration can offer a wealth of insights.Has anyone here successfully int...

AppD integration with ServiceNow

Hi Team, I have integrated AppD with ServiceNow which was successful but in the description of the incident created I am getting <br> or </b> in between the sentences, could you please let me know how to remove these junk characters in the descriptio...


Hello everyone,Trust you are all having a lovely day,Please i want to find out if there are any activities  i can do   periodically to maintain my appdynamics setup and prevent any possible downtimeThanks

golang sdk

Hi,I am new to the community and I am having a few problems to use appdynamics with golang. I followed the tutorial and succefully connected my GO application with the SDK, but I still have a few questions. First of all, do I need to manually insert ...

AppDynamics Capabilities

Hey Everyone! New to this community, was just wondering whether we can use AppDynamics to monitor the performance of applications on our PC such as Microsoft Word/Excel and other accounting related Apps/Softwares such as Climax etc.Thanks for your ti...

Resolved! Showing-permission-denied-to-submit-a-support-ticket

Hi, Login id: [readacted] This is Ashok from [redacted] Company. I have an Admin role in AppDynamics and I'm able to log in ''  but I'm unable to submit the support ticket. May I know how can I reach out to support to tell...