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Process Application Relationships information in API

From AppDynamics API, do we have any way to associate the process running on the node to the running application? The API sim/v2/user/machines/<server_id>/processes lists all the process running on the node but doesn't expose any relationship with th...

. by Wanderer
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Alert on single analytics data

Good morning community,I'm currently ingesting a volume of data inside an analytics schema.I'm interest in specific dynamic when some of the results are in failed status:Is it possible to alert from AppDynamics when single results are failing and tra...


Otel traces data not visible in AppDynamics

Hi team,I have currently configured my Otel Collector to send traces data from the adservice (Otel-demo service) to AppDynamics over a proxy. My problem is that AppDynamics doesn't show any ingested data in the Otel section (No Data available). The c...


Resolved! Update documentation - Service now integration

In the following description it is written at point 1 to download and install AppD app on SNOW store.But then you say you need to do something else before doing the thing at point number 1.Am I mistaken in understanding the order and logic on how thi...


Integration of AppDynamics and Splunk

Hello,I've been working with AppDynamics for some time now, and I'm looking to enhance our monitoring and analytics capabilities by integrating it with Splunk. I believe this integration can offer a wealth of insights.Has anyone here successfully int...