End User Monitoring (EUM)
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Resolved! error from adrum_latest.js

Hi,  I am trying to set up proper virtualPage tracking .. and I have some questions :)   according to this documentation, new page object should be created as:   ADRUM.events.VPageView({url:"anything"}); but it fails:   ADRUM.events.VPageView({url:"a...

Resolved! publish EUM agent in npm

Hi,  I've seen you have exposed agent in npm for server-side node.js applications, which is great https://www.npmjs.com/package/appdynamics   would it make sense to do the same with 'client side' agent? eg this one: https://cdn.appdynamics.com/adrum/...

EUM SaaS - Network connectivity requirements

We have an OnPremise AppD deployment, where EUM is running in SaaS.  What are all the connectivity requirements (AFL Ruke changes) that needs to submit to Network team ?    I got only "Controller to EuM SaaS to port 443" .    Any communications to / ...

Metric Browser tool tip pop-up

If you are interested in disabling this because it just gets in the way, here's one way.   For Chrome - install Stylish add-on.   Open your browser and navigate to your Controller URL.  Click on the  "S" icon at the upper right to launch the Stylish ...