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User Experience/Mobile Apps Rest API call


Hi guys,


I'm trying to find the documentation for User Experience & Mobile Apps REST calls API in AppDynamics documentation with no success.

Could someone provide me an example of how REST calls look like for User Experience & Mobile Apps

I'm interested in the naming used for these request as in case of Server  /controller/rest/applications/Server%20&%20Infrastructure%20Monitoring/metric-data


Unfortunately, AppDynamics doesn't provide a trial license for this feature so I cannot check the REST call on my own.




AppDynamics Team

Hi Sorin,


For Browser RUM, you use the AppDynamics JavaScript Agents to report data, so you don't need to make REST calls. From your Controller UI, you create a browser app and then manually inject the JavaScript Agent into your web pages or have a business app (server-side app) automatically inject the JavaScript Agent into your web pages. The JavaScript Agent will collect and report browser metrics, so you can monitor the browser app from the Controller UI.


Mobile RUM provides the iOS, Android, and Xamarin SDKs that collect report app data for you. You can either download the mobile agents or use platform-specific tools such as Gradle, CocoaPods, or NuGet to install and manage the agents. After you obtain the SDK for your platform, you then instrument your mobile app. This involves adding including the mobile agent in your app code and inserting some code with the EUM App Key to initialize the agent. When the app starts, the mobile agents will then collect and report app data for you.


For Browser RUM, see the following:

  1. Overview of Injection Types - Learn which type of injection type is best for you.
  2. Use manual injection or automatic injection of the JavaScript Agent.
  3. Learn how to use the Controller UI to monitor your browser app.

For Mobile RUM, see one of these pages based on your platform:

After you have verified your instrumentation, see Monitor Your Applications with Mobile RUM.

Hi Joe,


Thanks for suggestion.

Still, I haven't got the answer on how to make the REST calls to User Experience/Mobile App.

Could someone attach a basic call for these metrics?




You can use the analytics API for querying the EUM/mobile data


Refer the below KB article which talks about it



Mohammed Rayan

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Hi Mohammed,


Thanks for your answer, but I would like to querry directly the Controller without going through Analytics.

All I need is a basic example on both cases User Experience/Mobile Apps, just to know the rest call format.


As an example when Servers metrics are querried, even thought in controller UI is named "Servers", when the rest call is used it actually use "Server%20&%20Infrastructure%20Monitoring"



I only need to know the way User Experience/Mobile Apps endpoints are identified.



Hi Sorin,


You can use the Metric and Snapshot API to get metric data information for browser and mobile apps. You don't need the Pro license. 


The easiest way to get the REST API endpoints is to go to the Metric Browser in the Controller UI. For instructions, see


Once you have copied the REST URL following the instructions given in the link above, you can just make a cURL call. The one issue I'm seeing though is that you need to add a backslash to the time and duration parameters: \&time-range-type=BEFORE_NOW\&duration-in-mins=15


For example:

curl --user '<your_username>@<your_accountname>:<your_password>' http://<controller_host>:<controller_port>/controller/rest/applications/<eum-app-name>/metric-data?metric-path=End%20User%20Experience%7CAJAX%20Requests%20per%20Minute\&time-range-type=BEFORE_NOW\&duration-in-mins=15

Hope that helps!