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Timeline summary is missing fragments

In the timeline summary, only Activities tracking is being shown. As declared in the spec the library should also track Fragments but it doesn't happen.


Library version and Gradle plugin: 



Is it issue in library implementation or wrong configuration? Any tips how to track fragments properly?


^ Edited by @Ryan.Paredez for clarity and readability. 


New Poster



Is there any progress on this issue, please?



Hi @Guilherme.Drehmer 


I'm asking around to find more info on this. I will report back when I hear something. 


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi Konstantin,


Could give a few more details for me to try to replicate?


Are you having the issue on Android, Cordova, Xamarin or React?

Are you using the Session Frames API?


Thanks for you patience.




Aboubacar Traore

OS: Android

We don't using time session API even for Activities but it presented correctly on crash report session without it. 


Is it possible to have fragments report in case of crash or it possible only with explicit declaration of time sessions? 


For example we have 1k Fragments in our project how it possible to cover all of them at once?

Got it. Can you add screenshots? Both the activity and crashes report session. I will try to replicate the behavior internally.

Aboubacar Traore

Unfortunately I can't provide screenshots, because it contain sensitive information. But you can easily replicate a case:


Screen structure:

- Activity

   - Fragment 1

   - Fragment 2



   Crash in Fragment 2 for example



   Fragment 2 information presented in the report



   Activity information presented in the report

Just to clarify, we are referring to what is visible from this document:

"Session Timeline"


There is a session category there (View) with type Activity/Fragment. However, the description and the Session View seem to show only Activities by default.

We are trying to understand with Android Fragments are supported out of the box or if we need to use some alternative solution. If we need to use something like SessionFrame APIs, for example, the text Activity/Fragment can be considered very misleading, given it is not effectively tracking an Android Fragment.





Hello @Guilherme.Drehmer 

The Fragment support is through the session Frame API thus it is manual. I will open an internal case to update the documentation to clarify that.


CC: @Konstantin.Aksenov 






Aboubacar Traore



Ok, thanks for the clarification.




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