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React Native, JavaScript/TypeScript unminifying and demangling stacktraces using and Sourcemaps to show a full stacktrace with methods, file paths

Dear AppDynamics community,

We are looking for ways to upload source maps in order to see full stacktraces for errors and crashes in our React Native mobile apps.

Please let us know if there is a way to do so?

For reference, here is how its done in other solutions/services:

Thanks in advance!


AppDynamics Team

Hi @Elvin.Rakhmankulov ,

Thank you for posting to the community.
Unfortunately, source maps are not supported, so you cannot upload them.

There is an existing Idea Exchange post related to source maps.

If it matches what you try to do, please vote and comment on the idea to show your support.
If not, please create your own Idea Exchange post.

Note: The Idea Exchange is a place where customers can submit, vote, and engage with ideas to improve their AppD experience.

Best Regards,

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