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No region statistics in AppDynamics



I am having problems, that region statistics not shown in AppDynamics web view console.


I did setup ADEumInstrumentation like this:

ADEumInstrumentation.initWithKey("KEY", collectorUrl: "COLECTOR_URL")


How to setup ADEumInstrumentation, that region staticis will be presented in AppDynamics region statics view?

Do I need to do anditional configuration for getting region statistic?





AppDynamics Team

Hi Ramunas,


This limitation is by design. For mobile apps we get only Country level location info. The location information for Mobile devices is found to be not very consistent, and hence it is not being reported by design. This is not a technical issue but more product philosophy.

Mobile devices tend to have several proxy/NAT services between the device and our services. Because of this, devices can appear to be in different cities. We used to get many complaints about false information.



Thank You,


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Hello Chitra,


Thanks for answering. Our app not getting country level location information. It is writtne, that all request comes from unknow region. I did attache what screen shot how it looks in our dashboard. Could you please assit me for fixing this issue.






Screenshot 2019-05-28 at 09.32.39.png