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How to include specific virtual pages after the Application reaches 500 Limit for the Virtual Pages.


How can we tell AppDynamics EUM to always include (instrument) a Specific Virtual page or a set of Virtual pages always in the Pages List in the EUM. Can we define a priority for virtual pages ?


I have an application which is already running in production and it has already reached the limit of 500 Virtual Pages. Few days back, Additional UI Screens were deployed which has new Virtual Pages. However, i am not able to see the newly created Virtual Pages.


I am aware that there is a limit of 500 Virtual Pages which can be instrumented in the Application. Our application is big and it has more than 500 Virtual Pages. I have tried to exclude the virtual pages which are insignificant, but each time i Exclude the virtual Pages,  other Virtual pages start appearing in the Pages & AJax Request Screen. However,  I am not able to get the specific set of Virtual Pages to appear on the Pages & AJax Request Screen. 


is there a way to Add Priority to the virtual Pages, or a way to Include the Virtual Pages by Name so that specific Virtual Page takes priority and is instrumented over other virtual pages.


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

In EUM configuration , we have a feature where you can define page naming rule. As per the rule different pages are clubbed under one name as per the definition of the rule, and rather than each pages registering individually, they all register under the matching rule. Thus you can avoid reaching the threshold limit.

Another way is to define the exclude rules. These rules exclude the pages that you do not want to monitor.

Please refer the below documnet link for details:

Thanks Amit for your reply. However, my question is not regarding the different ways to avoid the 500 Threshold limit or to exclude the virtual pages. 



After reading the documentation again, i found AppDynamics allows to have a configuration for the Rules with Priority.  The option is located at Configuration-> Instrumentation -> Virtual Pages -> "Include  Rules" . However, even after defining the Priority of the Rule and excluding Certain Virtual Pages. The new Rule with Higher Prioroty Doesn't seem to be working. Could you please confirm how the Virtual pages are registered. Does it follows a queue like first Virtual page to be reported will be evaluated firstly?


The Controller is on SAAS.

AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hello Abhinav,


The include rule configuration that you are referring to is the section for defining how virtual page URLs will be named using include rules. The priority here defines which rule should be executed first when a URL is reported to eum and it will be named accordingly. This does not guarantee you that URL with higher priority of include/naming rule will report as it need to register with the new include rule.




Thanks Amit for explainining the Behavior of the Rule Priority.


We already have the Exclude Rules in the Application. Also, we don't have any other virtual pages which can be grouped.


Is there any other alternative to ensure that a specific page is registered with the Appdynamics. 


Additionaly, could you please elaborate how the virtual pages are registered?

Does it follow the Queue principle, so that first page sent as a beacon to controller is registered before the other pages?





AppDynamics Team (Retired)

@Abhinav If a page is reported to EUM processor and the number of registered pages has not hit its limit, it will register itself. So it basically have the below flow for registration:

1. When a page reports the EUM checks for its sanity which includes valid beacon payload and appkey.

2. Then it is checked against the exclude rule if the page is configured for exclusion or not.

3. Then it checks if the URL reported matches any of the registered page name rules or not. If it is the page will monitor under that name.

4. If it does not have a matching rule and the threshold limit is not reached , it is registered as a new page.


Let me know if this helps.

Thanks Amit for the explaination.


Is it possible to include this as a feature request in future versions?