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Android :Network Requests don not show anything


I am new to AppDynamics and trying to use it for my Android app. I am using Retrofit2 library to call nework requests and my app is making many requests but the network requests field in the controller shows nothing. Am I missing something?


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Mobile RUM by default support the network libraries listed here:


If you would like  Android Agent to detect requests from a custom library , you need to add request tracking code.

Hi Amit,

Thank for your reply.

In AppDynamics docs, it is mentioned that Mobile RUM supports OkHttp and Android retrofit library is built on OkHttp. So wanted to make sure if it supports retrofit too because using request tracker will be too much code changes to my app.

AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Is there a way to share the android application log. We want to see how the network calls are being made and if the beacon calls are being made ? You can make a sample network request and then capture the application log.

I'm in the same boat.  We're using the Retrofit library, built on OKHttp, but Network Requests aren't being sent.  Our classes appear to be getting instrumented according the Instrumentation log generated at build time.  The beacons are being sent and crash reporting is working as well. 


Were you guys able to come to a resolution?

Not really Brian,


We were still waiting for the android application logs from customer to troubleshoot this further. Well ideally if you are on 4.3+ version of product including the mobile agent, it should work seemlesly ootb for Retrofit & any other OKhttp. 





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