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APM/EUM Custom Names Wildcards in IsInList

When creating rules, either with Custom Rules in APM or Include/Exclude Rules in EUM, the tool gives the ability to match the URL/URI based on several conditions: Is in List, Starts With, etc... These same options exist in other areas, as well.


How can a rule be created that lists values (Is in List) and  utilize wildcards in the values?

For example (asterisk is wildcard): Is in List /site/portal1*, /site/portal2*

...if you're asking, odds are, someone else has as well.

AppDynamics Team

Hi Jeremy,


Thanks for posting the question on the Community.


Unfortunately, a wildcard cannot be used in "is in the list" as the word infers.

You need to use Matches Reg Ex that can be used a regular expression.

"Matches Reg Ex" can be used the regular expression below;



Please refer to the following docs:


Let me know if this helped you.

Many thanks,