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Display Customs Metrics using Wildcard in Dashboard



I am trying to setup a dashboard which would display customs metrics. Instead of selecting series one by one, I am trying to use wildcard selecting metrics.

It works fine for Tiers/Servers/Business/Overall data but there I have not found a way to select the same for customs metrics.

I followed this link:

Thanks for your help.




Did you get a solution for this? I have the same issue with a customExtension.

This is how you can use wildcards with Custom Metrics in a dashboard.   This works great with all of the Metric Data widgets except for Metric Value (since this widget needs to refer to a single metric).   


1. Create a Metric widget, select Tier / Node Health - Hardware, JVM, CLR as the Metric Category.  




2. Select the metric, and choose Specify a Relative Metric Path




NOTE: If you are copying the full metric path from the Metric Browser, make sure to remove the part of the path leading up to Custom Metrics|.  It should follow the format Custom Metrics|YourExtension|*|MetricName


3. You can use mutliple wildcards and they work as expected:




Let me know how it goes!

Hi Carl,


I have a similar issue and have done as you suggested. When I add the full relative path, it works (example below), but I only get the one value:


Custom Metrics|SQL|oracle|Tablespace Free|TABLE1|PERCENT_FREE


When I change TABLE1 in the above to an asterisk (shown below), I get "No Data Available."


Custom Metrics|SQL|oracle|Tablespace Free|*|PERCENT_FREE


I am trying to create a series graph that shows the percent free from all tables instead of the just the one.


Any help is much appreciated!