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Instrument Multiple JVMs on a Single Machine


I am testing AppDynamics with a single application. There are two node.JS processes (actually can be more than two) running on the same machine, and each listens on different port number.


I have tried to assign the same application name, different tier name and different node name for each of these proceses, but I can't get correct information in the Controller UI - in all attempts only one of the tiers will have metrics. AppDynamics simple didn't detect any traffic on other tiers. One strange thing I found is some endpoints for tiers which cannot be shown were appeared under the node which can be shown.


Any specific configuration I need to pay attention in such case (multiple node.JS processes running on single machine)? FYI, I am using the trial license but it seems that it is already a Pro version.


Thanks a lot !


AppDynamics Team

Hi Ricky,


Can you confirm whether libagent property is set true or not?

If not; can you once try setting it true in both the apps and let us know if this persists?





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It works now after adding the property. Thanks !