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Java agent implementation

AppDynamics Team

Java agent implementation

I am currently working on deploying Java agents, I have two applications running on the same host. I have app1 and aap2 running on the same host. If I want to instrument both applications how would I move forward doing this. Will I have multiple controller-info.xml files on the same host in dofferent directories?

How would a sample command look like If I wanted to run them through passing the arguments?

Is there anyway to edit the controller-info.xml file in order to achieve this?




Java agent implementation

Re: Java agent implementation



This is an entirely normal scenario, which is discussed in the documentation.


In short, we advise customers to put the common parts of the configuration (e.g. controller URL) in the controller-info.xml file and then provide the parts that vary per JVM as system properties on the command line.


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