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.net core microservices agent question

Sorry, but I'm brand new to this type of installation.  Is the .net core microservices agent install all that is necessary to instrument that particular application on that particular server, or is a standard .NET agent install necessary first?  If the .NET agent install is not necessary, do we lose the "machine agent" part of the install with the .net core microservices agent?



I believe a microservices agent is all that is necessary for a microservices based application. Also, as with all "APM agents" the machine agent is a seperate install, and therefore licensed seperately (even though it comes "bundled."). So you won't lose the "machine agent" part. I believe microservices agents are bundled in groups of 5, but I am not sure if the "machine-agents" accompanying the apm agent is counted as 1 or as 5. 

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Thank you, Eric. I appreciate the information.