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Capturing python script execution alerts


I need to monitor a python script ive developed so far it does indeed have logging object, , requests and mysql sqlhooks logs shown when pyagent run is started, but i cant see any reference to my app so far at the server. any recommendation would make me really grateful

My case is similar to this one, but im on v23 python agent

I dont need necessarily metrics monitoring, but i do really need to monitor the events happening in the script

Do you folks have any suggestion if its possible that AppDynamics agent hook only on asyncio library, performing or simulating , the same layer that the java proxy agent is sniffing into the python VM? . Is it possible to send this 'stimulti' straight to the another java program , that would do the BT call?



i could event dare to look further to use opentelemetry for my case, in order to collect the main points

Is opentelemetry a standard feature for AppDynamics? is it extra paid option?