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How to use remediation action script for Kubernetes (cluster agent)

New Member

I have Java applications running within a Kubernetes environment, and these applications are monitored by AppDynamics. Within each Kubernetes pod, I have installed my own agent to handle specific tasks when AppDynamics generates alerts.

I recently discovered that AppDynamics offers a feature called Remediation Action, which allows the execution of custom scripts. However, as I have limited experience with AppDynamics, I'm unsure about how to integrate and configure this feature effectively. I would greatly appreciate any assistance or guidance on achieving this integration.

If anyone has experience with integrating custom scripts and Remediation Actions in AppDynamics, your expertise and advice would be invaluable. Thank you in advance for your help.


AppDynamics Team

Hi Mahesh,
I am not sure if remediation action script can work on Kubernetes (cluster agent) environment or not, However here is the documentation on Remediation Action and Script which you can go through and setup if its Machine Agent :