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Specific time based Health Rules

New Member

Hi, I also have the same issue 


I want to trigger the alert like below.

Once the alert starts, there should an alert.

After a certain amount of time, say 4 hours, I should get another alert. I should not get the alert in between.


Did anyone reply to this or is there any solution like setting up the throttle?


This post is related to this existing Community post:



AppDynamics Team

Thank you for posting to the community.
As written in the last comment at the related post, you can use "Wait time after violation" to throttle the continuing health rule violations.

For example, if you set 240 minutes(4 hours) of "Wait time after violation" on a health rule and health rule violation continues for 4 hours, then you will get an alert at the beginning and after 4 hours.
* If the violation doesn't continue for 4 hours, you will get an alert after violation is triggered again even within 4 hours. By setting "Use data from last" with a large value, the violation may continue for a long time.

Best Regards,


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