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Plot Date Points on Dashboard Every 30 Seconds


We're using AppDynamics dashboard to view several custom metrics that are published from our Java based apps every 30 seconds but when seen on AppDynamics, it aggregates all the metrics (published within a minute) and shows the sum as 1 single data point on the graph. Instead, we would like to see 2 different data points plotted on the graph (30 seconds apart) with their individual observed values.


Is this possible ? If yes, how ?


Nawaz Ali.Mohammad
AppDynamics Team

Hello Saurab,


Data is rolled up every minute and displayed at a minimum of 1-minute resolution. 1 minute is the smallest roll-up time, unfortunately, the data cannot be rolled up for 30 seconds.


You can also submit this as an idea on the Idea Exchange - where customers can submit, vote, and comment on AppD feature enhancements. 

See the guidelines here:


^ Edited by @Ryan.Paredez  to add i nfo about the Idea Exchange. 

Appreciate to clarify if it still the same behavior or there's any changes can be done to show the data every 30seconds instead of 1 minute 

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