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Interpolate Data Gaps - Metric Widgets


Interpolate Data Gaps - Metric Widgets

I'm assuming the "interpolate data gaps" option when creating metric widgets allows the graph to insert predicted data when there are gaps, but how does it determine the data to insert? Is it simply the shortest line between the gap beginning at point A and ending at point B? Also at what point is a gap too large for it to interpolate data? 



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Interpolate Data Gaps - Metric Widgets
AppDynamics Team

Hi William,


Controller zero fills for the metric values not reported by the agent. This zero fill is done for one hour only and if a non zero value is reported then the cycle resets for zero filling.


Now with  "Interpolate Data Gaps" you would see a continuous curve instead of gaps but the data does not fill. It is a join between two data points without considering the zero metrics.