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How to remove view access of Dash studio dashboard

New Poster

Hi Team,


I am trying to remove the view permission of a particular user for a dashboard.

I want the user should be able to view only 1 dashboard. This worked for the standard dashboard part but in the dash studio though the user was not able to see the data inside the dashboard but was able to see the list of dash studio dashboards.


Can anyone help?  What do I need to do so the user can see only the dashboard that I want them to see?




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Community Manager

Hi @Shubhangi.Gupta,


Sorry for the late reply here. We believe this to be a bug. I will report back when there is an update. 


I also received some info on a workaround. Please try it and get back to me.


The workaround is to share the dashboard URL directly so the user will not see other dashboards.  The administrator can go to Administration > remove the role that the user may be assigned to view Dashboards.


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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