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How to Trim Metric Display Names on a Custom AppDynamics Dashboard

New Member

I've created a custom dashboard for one of our clients and each of the entities that I'm reporting on a pie chart displays as such:

Since the class name is the same for each of the entities that are displayed, the client wants to know if it's possible to trim off className for each of these entities as it isn't very aesthetically pleasing.


I'm currently just displaying the entity using ${e} under the Advanced options for Metric Display names and it appears that it won't evaluate regular expressions. Do I have any options to trim this display name or am I doomed?


Any advice you can provide will be extremely helpful!


Community Manager

Hi @Justin.Smith,


I did some digging around and found this info.


This is a product limitation and we cannot trim the part of the metric path in any way. 
As you are aware we have the below substitution variables as of now:

  • ${#}: Number the displayed metrics based on sorting with the rollup value.
  • ${m}: Metric name.
  • ${e}: Entity name.


There is a feature request submitted on this as well. The Idea Exchange is not currently accessible by Trial and Lite users at this time.




Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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