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Audio alert for transactions crossing a threshold

New Member

I have a dashboard showing transaction performance against a 20 second threshold. This dashboard is displayed in out operations area. We would like to be able to have a the monitor displaying the dashboard to make an awful noise whenever the threshold is violated. Any ideas how to get the AppDynamics to make the sound?


AppDynamics Team

Hi jlyall,


As of now, we do not have any audio alert to be sent when the threshold is violated. You may consider of an option of configuring widget with static threshold which will display the threshold line on the widget, you might be already aware of this feature (attached screenshot). 




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Old thread, but in case someone else could do with a solution. 


I did exactly this with a powershell script that invokes the AppD alerting APIs and downloads a list of open Health Violations every few minutes.  When it finds one I'm interested in, it verbally says the name of the HR that is in error and the alert level (critical, warning...etc).


Set it to run every 5 mins or so and for downloading the list of violations, set it to check back for new violations that were created in the last 5 mins as well.


Have it search through the violations array for any that are occurring within Applications of interest then use text to speech to say the HR name.